Wide slide

Wide slide


The wider the possibilities, the more joy!

The slide “Wide slide” is made of durable, environmental responsible plastic, which is covered with multi-colored, bright paint. The attraction is intended for the age group of 3-16 years.

Popular slide in Koblevo

Koblevo children's slides arouse admiration of any child. The spacious, wide platform of the slide “Wide slide” helps to gather high speed. Deep wavy cambers change position of a body, and the child enters the pool in a funny pose. The descent is carried out without rubber rings and flat rugs. Safety is provided by a stream of water flowing down the slide and high sidewalls. The descent lift is located behind the platform. The steps are wide, comfortable, made of wood and covered with an anti-slip rug.

Children's analogue of the slide “Wide slide” will allow kids to feel delight and guarantee their complete safety.