The word serpentine comes from Latin
designations of a snake. Funny slides - “snakes” - that’s why
so nice to start riding!

Children 's attractions in Koblevo were put into operation in 2007. Every year the water park receives a large number of tourists. One of the favorite children 's entertainment is the "Serpentine" slide.

Design Features

Children's slide "Serpentine" in Koblevo is a simple means of descent. Lifting is carried out using steps located on the opposite side of the platform. A huge variety in height allows the child to choose a means of entertainment that does not cause fear. The complex of slides "Serpentine" is distributed by age limitations:

- 1-4 years;

- 5-10 years;

- 11-16 years old.

The material used in the production is durable plastic. Landing during the descent teaches the child to control the body. A slight difference in level coverage helps children to feel a change in speed.

On this slide, each child will receive the first skills to control their own body, which will subsequently help in the development of many types of activity.