Octopus head carries eight long tentacles —
«hands». On all eight tentacles of an adult octopus
there are about two thousand sucker cups , each
of them is capable of holding up to one hundred grams.

Koblevo's water children's slides are remembered by an abundance of bright, saturated colors and diverse descents. Visiting attractions and pools during the holiday season is an unforgettable event for any child. One of the non-standard water activities is the Octopus slide.

The main slide of the children's water park

The Octopus slide is the main entertainment for children in Koblevo. Age limit: 3-10 years. It consists of:

- three slides of different lengths;

- two steps;

- a platform and a roof in the form of the head of an octopus, from which water is constantly pouring.

The slide is made of hard plastic, has a glossy coating that protects the child's skin from scratches, abrasions. A bright, colorful coating and an unusual design distinguishes a water attraction located in the middle of a huge pool 0.3 m deep.

Your children will feel themselves in the tentacles of a gigantic ocean monster, but they will easily be freed from them by going down the slide to the pool.