Multi slide

Multi slide


"Multi" in translation from Latin means "a lot."

Water slide "Multi-slide" - a complex of three open platforms. This is the best solution for family or collective descent.

In the water park for the entertainment of young visitors, various tournaments are organized. The slide “Multi-slide” is always included in Koblevo’s children's competitions for speed.

Popular attraction

On the slide "Multi-slide" you can ride while sitting or lying on your back. Each strip is divided by a low plastic wall in the form of a wave on the sides. The descent is made without a mattress.

To increase speed and increase adrenaline, the slide platform has wave-like slopes that create the feeling of flying and moving up and down. At the end of the slide, a swimming pool with clean water 1-1.5 m deep is installed.

Children 's attractions are an integral part of the resort holiday.

Three sections of the slide will allow children to organize between themselves exciting competitions on speed.