Kamikadze (Japanese, kami - “god”, “spirit”; kadze - “wind”) —
"divine wind".

The adult water attraction "Kamikaze" proudly rises above the rest of the entertainment in the water park Koblevo. To get down from the slide, you have to climb to a height of more than 10 meters. The open type of water attraction allows you to feel the speed of descent and to tickle your nerves.

The most daring visitors of Koblevo water park decide to take a ride on the Kamikaze slide. Extreme water slide is a challenge for people who value calm and balance, and a real gift for admirers to enjoy freedom and speed.

The adrenaline rush is guaranteed not only at the start of the attraction, but throughout the descent.

The wavy surface, the slides aiming down on descent alternate the sensations of speed gaining with a separation from the plane for takeoff.

For those who decide to go down, the Kamikaze waterslide gives a feeling of lightness. It charges the vacationer with a powerful charge of energy, pleases with an explosion of exciting emotions from fear to lust.

The fastest slide in the water park. Its name is quite consistent with the courage of the person who decided to ride it.