Space Funnel

Space Funnel


Funnel - landform, closed cavity
cup-shaped, conical or other shape, diameter
up to 50 meters, a depth of 15 (sometimes up to 200) meters.

For those who want to visit the high-speed attraction, the “Space Funnel” slide will be an excellent option. The highlight of the slide is that at the very end of the descent a visitor will find a surprise. As the descent begins, the visitor gains speed and gets into a large bowl. Here, the passenger makes exciting revolutions, after which he is waiting for a quick descent into the deep pool. Having visited this attraction, visitors will surely experience delight and receive sensations still unknown.

However, the “Space Funnel” slide is not suitable for everyone. It is intended only for visitors who know how to swim. There are also limitations on age and weight: passengers aged 14 and up to 120 kg can visit the attraction.

Descent is carried out lying on the back, feet forward.

It's a very fascinating high-speed attraction with a surprise at the end of the descent. Having gained speed, you get into a huge bowl and make several turns in it, after which you fall into a deep pool, receiving a lot of pleasure from the feelings still unknown.