Free fall

Free fall


Free fall is a movement in which
no forces acts on the body
except gravity force. For example, skydiver during the jump
(before parachute deployment) is practically
in free fall.

Children's slide "Free Fall" - a breathtaking attraction. It consists of a set of closed plastic pipes connected by a special fastener, providing 100% safety to visitors. The diameter of the structure is the same from start to finish and is 800-1300mm.

Unique feeling

The slide “Free fall” leaves an unforgettable sensation of body movement in space due to its own weight, without impact from the outside. The descent is made on special inflatable circles/rafts, one, two-tier or without them. The number of participants can be 1-3 people. The final touchdown point is the children's pool of Koblevo Water Park.

The tunnel of pipes does not cause fear, in some models color lighting is provided. In general, there is an impression of movement on a kayak along a violent river!

Going down this slide, the child will feel weightless for a while. He will be able to free himself from this breathtaking feeling only when he is already in the pool.