No winner believes in chance.

The alternate change of attractions will invariably bring the guests of the water park to the inconspicuous at first glance «Pigtail» slide. The potential of this entertainment is hidden, it can only be discovered by going down its closed tunnel.

The descent through the closed pipe will bring an unexpected departure to the water basin at a time when you do not expect this in any way. A closed type of slide hides from the eyes of the one who is descending the moment of exit from the tunnel, so the effect of surprise and cheerful splash into the water brings fun.

The waterslide "Pigtail" will give double pleasure, because you can ride on it with a partner, having arranged a high-speed descent.

The length and complexity of the descent are in harmony with each other, so lovers of fun and safe water activities will like this descent.

Attraction "Pigtail" and other steep Koblevo slides will make your vacation. You will want inevitably to repeat the fun next season.

This slide is interesting primarily for the opportunity to organize mini-competitions, as it allows to descend at the same time several passengers.