Boomerang is widely known for its return property.
back to the place from which the throw was made.

The Boomerang waterslide was launched relatively recently, but has already managed to gain popularity among visitors. This is an entertaining bright attraction for the whole family. The descent from the Boomerang waterslide will bring the most unforgettable feelings and emotions from rest.

At the beginning of the descent the inflatable circle will gain speed up to 12 m/s, lift the visitor to a certain height and under the influence of gravity throw into a deep pool. At this point, the passenger will experience weightlessness and an exciting adrenaline spirit.

The descent from the water slide will undoubtedly please visitors with sharp turns, unexpected rises and falls, double tunnels.

Persons who have reached the age of 16 years can ride the attraction, permissible weight - up to 150 kg, height from 150 cm.

The original slide, launched in the summer of 2012. Paired "races" are possible.