Wide slide

Wide slide


Waterfall is the most unpredictable water in nature.
Only a man can keep all the power of a waterfall,
tamed it of.

The most popular of these attractions is the slide “Wide slide”. This slide can cause interest among vacationers of different age categories. Here, the passenger will undoubtedly receive a whole sea of positive emotions and will come in incomparable delight.

It’s very difficult to stay on the ride. The main intrigue is that at the very beginning of the descent it is impossible to guess in what position the visitor will be in the pool. Along with external simplicity, the slide “Wide slide” contains everything for an unforgettable surge of adrenaline.

Everyone who has ever visited this breathtaking attraction will want to get here again and again.

This slide is absolutely unpredictable and thus interesting. With external simplicity, it is almost impossible to stay on it in one position, which only adds adrenaline. At the beginning of the descent, the passenger absolutely can not imagine in what position he will fall into the pool, and this intrigue is breathtaking.