The word serpentine comes from the Latin serpens —
"snake" and means narrow paper ribbons folded
into the rolls. Often “serpentine” is a narrow
mountain road curved in many places.

Rapid sliding along the water river in the open attraction "Serpantin" stretches by 30 meters. At the end of the dizzying spinning ride, visitors happily spit into the turquoise pool.

Do not underestimate the classic version of the water attraction. Adult slide Serpentine in Koblevo will give a fountain of positive emotions. The mind-blowing descents along the serpentine-twisted trajectory seem very long. An open type of slide gives a taste of insecurity that excites inner peace.

The model of a water attraction has four full circles, descending along which, vacationers gain dizzying speed, after which there is a desire to return to the starting position again.

Active people who have visited Koblevo water slides have no reason to look for other entertainments. All splash of adrenaline is guaranteed to them in the water park.