Multi slide

Multi slide


Competition - contest and competitive
struggle between several parties for achievement
excellence, gain and recognition.

Beautiful triple slide with calm character "Multislide" will allow to enjoy in full multiple descents into the pool with turquoise water.

This speed slide is designed for quick uniform descent.

The design of the attraction allows you to feel three times a rapid short-term fall and three times - an exciting take-off.

For fans of active rest the slide "Multislide" becomes a favorite among adult entertainment presented in the water park. You can arrange a triple race, competition for the speed of descent on it. A comfortable descent trajectory, a cheerful partner and sparkling splashes of sea water will fill the rest with genuine joy and pleasure.

For guests of the Black Sea resort who decide to visit the water park, Koblevo water slides are most remembered from summer vacations. Due to incredible feelings, bursts of inexplicable emotions and feelings, in the end only positive impressions remain.

The multi-colored slide is divided into three sections, which allows three to go down it simultaneously. This design is ideal for competitive slopes.