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How to get to the water park Koblevo

We will tell about four routes running from Odessa, Koblevo, Yuzhny and Nikolaev.

  1. From Odessa. Use shuttle taxis and buses departing from the Privoz bus station. The station is located 500 metres from the train station. Departure time of buses: 08:20, 09:25, 10:30, 13:30, 15:00 hours.
  2. From Koblevo towards the eponymous water park, buses leave every half an hour from the bus station located on the Odessa-Nikolaev highway. Buses run along the boarding houses and recreation centers, so guests of the resort have the opportunity to choose a “strategic” temporary accommodation facility for more convenient transportation to the most interesting local attractions.
  3. From Nikolaev it is most convenient to go from the intercity bus station towards Odessa. The Nikolaev-Koblevo run, which goes directly to the resort area, is also suitable.
  4. From Yuzhny. The Yuzhny-Koblevo scheduled bus will quickly reach to the place of destination. The trip will take 15 minutes.

We talked only about public transport and the most obvious transport links. If you wish, you can use the train, but it will take more time, although it will save on travel. On your own transport, the trip will take a minimum of time. And if you wanted to choose a car, we have great news - a big parking lot, on the territory of which there will always be a place even at the height of the season.

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