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Information about Koblevo Water Park:

The famous resort Koblevo is located 40 km from Odessa and 70 km from Nikolaev. These places are famous for their pristine beaches, mild climate, friendly southern sun, under the rays of which the best wine grapes ripen. The wine brand of the same name - Koblevo is known all over the world, however, the ancient resort relatively recently acquired another bright attraction, one of the largest water parks in Ukraine.

Water park Koblevo opened its doors to visitors on August 1, 2007. Since then, every second vacationer visited him, and took with him a piece of pleasant memories of steep slides, blue pools, hydromassage, and the real atmosphere of a summer holiday.

Koblevo is an entertainment complex, the concept of which is focused on water rides, however, not only children, but also their parents won’t feel bored.

Entertainment in Koblevo Water Park

The locker is not included in the price of the entrance ticket. The cost of the locker is 20 UAH. The locker room is located in the administrative building of the water park, which is constantly monitored.

The Koblevo security system includes a staff of experienced rescue instructors who are ready to come to the rescue in a situation that threatens the health of park guests. Separate mention deserves a multi-level water purification system, as a result of which debris, bacteriological and other pollution factors are removed. To maintain constant purity and variability of the ecosystem we are helped by our own artesian spring which ensures the rise of water from the depth of the horizon at the elevation of more than 100 meters!