Peeling with Garra Rufa fish

We invite all our guests to undergo an amazing procedure - peeling with Garra Rufa fish. These cute inhabitants of sea depths belong to the dace so they simply do not have sharp teeth.

Garra Rufa 's accelerated metabolism causes them to be in a constant active search for food, and frankly, in this aspect they are not particularly overbearing. They eat literally any organics that come in their way. Of course, provided that they can separate it. This quality allows you to use fish to remove keratinized skin. You simply dip the necessary part of the body into the pool, or immerse yourself in it entirely, and there the small prospectors are already getting down to work.

Peeling with Garra Rufa fish is useful, but also pleasant! Their touches are absolutely painless, and resembles a massage performed simultaneously by a hundred little fingers. As a result, blood arrives at the treated areas, lymph outflow accelerates. You feel lightness in the body, and after the procedure, your body fills with a sense of vitality and a surge of strength.

Garra Rufa dissolve food using a special enzyme, the action of which is acclaimed by leading scientists as truly healing. The enzyme only acts on dead areas of the skin without harming the healthy epidermis. As a result, you have not only clean, but also healthy, rejuvenated skin!